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Dental Technology

Spencer Dentistry boasts an array of state-of-the-art technology. By using best-in-class tools along with the latest methods, we work to ensure that our patients have the best and most comfortable experience when they visit us.

We utilize digital x-rays instead of traditional film-based technology, resulting in less exposure to radiation for our patients, a faster and more comfortable process, and better images

Using intraoral cameras allows us to take detailed pictures of the inside of your mouth. We use these pictures to display the state of your oral health or magnify any areas of concern.

By hardening fillings that are placed within your mouth, LED fast-curing lights ensure that our treatments are completed quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Magnetic loupes are used by our dentists to see areas of the mouth not visible to the naked eye, including small cavities and cracks.

This is a method utilized by Dr. Spencer and associates to clean and shape the tooth during a root canal procedure. It has taken the field of endodontics by storm!

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