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Rotary Endodontics

Spencer Dentistry is committed to ensuring that our dental professionals have access to the latest technology in everything they do. And while we believe that state-of-the-art tools do play a vital role throughout our entire practice, our usage of rotary endodontics have made root canals in particular into a much safer and more relaxing experience.

Rotary endodontics allows Dr. Spencer and her team to clean and shape teeth much more effectively than they would be able to using traditional hand files. Instead, by using an electrically-driven handpiece, our rotary endodontics is better able to remove bacteria and debris from your mouth. This is done through the utilization of newer nickel-titanium files that provide better cutting power, as well as increased overall efficiency. In addition to being much more precise than traditional manual files in terms of what they’re able to remove, rotary endodontics are also significantly better in terms of flexibility, reliability, and noise. Through the use of rotary endodontics, root canals are much quicker and more successful than they have ever been, resulting in an improved experience for both patient and dentist alike.

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