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Spencer Dentistry believes in fostering an open, friendly environment for all of our patients. We understand that patients may not look forward to their dental visits, especially at a new dental office. However, we work with our patients to get a full understanding of their medical and dental history so we can provide the best care possible from the very beginning.


We pride ourselves on integrity and excellence within our industry. Our goal is to help our patients develop excellent oral health habits, so your mouth can look and feel great. To achieve the best results, we recommend our patients brush thoroughly, floss twice a day, and check in with us regularly for professional cleanings. These appointments will help us to catch any problems in their early stages. Our dentist can then correct any issues before they have the chance to turn into a major problem.


As you may expect, we will review your dental history and do a complete evaluation of your current oral health to give you a personalized treatment plan. Additionally, we will take x-rays on the first visit to give our dentists a detailed look at the condition of your mouth and teeth. Please bring the following items to your first visit: a list of medications (prescription or not) and a copy of your insurance booklet with the policy numbers.

We offer estimates for any procedure and accept a variety of payments options for all our patients. Call our office for more information. We look forward to protecting your beautiful smile!

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Spencer Dentistry’s cosmetic options include porcelain veneers and dental implants.

We offer Nitrous Oxide for patients who are anxious about their dental appointments.

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We pride ourselves on personal, attentive service centered around building lasting relationships. We offer a variety of dental solutions and invite you to experience the difference our amazing staff can make in both your oral and overall health.

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