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Dental Appliances

At Spencer Dentistry, we have principally two types of custom dental appliances that we recommend for our patients: sports mouth guards and night guards. By taking an impression of your teeth, we’ll be able to create a guard that gives your teeth the precise protection that they need.

Sports Mouth Guards

Whatever your sport may be, we can help protect your smile with a custom fitted Pro-Form Sports Guard. Compared to the standard one-size-fits-all, “boil and bite” mouth guards sold in sporting goods stores, these mouth guards:

• have much more consistent thickness of material throughout the guard
• fit snugly, so they won’t pop out when you open your mouth
• won’t impede your breathing or speaking

In addition to protecting your teeth from damage and your mouth from cuts as a result, custom fitted sports mouth guards have actually been shown to reduce the risk of concussion. Healthy teeth can last a lifetime. Give yours the protection they deserve.

Night Guards

Night guards may be recommended for patients who are experiencing headaches, sore, and stiff jaws that may be caused by teeth grinding or clenching.

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can lead to:

• sore, stiff jaw muscles
• earache or headache, particularly in the morning
• clicking or tenderness of the jaw joints
• difficulty opening and closing your mouth
• difficulty chewing
• neck and shoulder pain

The first step in handling bruxism is awareness. Understanding the source of this pain is important for both you and your dentist. Dr. Spencer may recommend a night guard to help relieve symptoms. A night guard helps by propping open your bite and protecting your teeth from direct wear. Any grinding will wear down the appliance instead of your teeth.

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