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Dental Crowns & Bridges Restore Damaged Teeth
Our dentist in London, Ontario will determine the best restoration option for your specific smile.
What Are Dental Crowns?
Dental crowns, also known as tooth caps, can be made from different types of dental materials and are used to cover a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. Before it’s placed, the dentist will need to prepare your tooth and will place a temporary crown in the meantime while your custom permanent crown is crafted in a lab. An impression of your mouth will need to be taken and sent to the lab. They are also used to cover a dental implant or hold a dental bridge in place. They look and feel like your natural teeth.
What Are Dental Bridges?
Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and a false tooth in between. The false tooth can be made from various materials such as porcelain, metals, or alloys, however, we typically place all-porcelain bridges. Dental bridges are permanently fixed in place to surrounding teeth and can help to restore the appearance and function of the mouth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns in London, Ontario

Dental crown treatment not only helps protect and strengthen the tooth structure but also provides the patient with a natural-looking restoration that will boost self-confidence.


Crowns can be customized to match the shape, size, and colour of the surrounding teeth, providing a natural and seamless appearance.


Dental crowns and bridges are used to cover a damaged tooth, preventing further decay and damage for many years to come.


When you receive a crown, you're receiving a long-lasting solution to any previously experienced issues like biting, chewing, or speaking.

Improved Oral Health

A dental crown or bridge can prevent further dental issues like shifting due to large gaps or decay from cavities/infection. They can also improve gum health.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The dental crown procedure typically involves several steps and can take place over the course of two visits or more.

Tooth Preparation & Impression

After an evaluation and X-rays, the dentist may suggest a crown, in which case, the tooth will be prepared and shaped to accommodate a crown. Next, an impression of the tooth will be taken and used to fabricate a custom-made crown that matches the shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Temporary Crown

A temporary crown will protect your tooth while a permanent crown is being made. It is typically made of plastic or stainless steel and is cemented onto the tooth with temporary cement. Temporary crowns are used to protect the tooth from further damage and maintain its function and appearance until the permanent crown is ready to be placed.

Final Crown

The dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement the crown in place that was made precisely for you. Local anesthesia will be given during this procedure. The type of crown that is best for you will be determined by the dentist, however, we typically use porcelain or porcelain fused to metal as it is one of the most durable and natural-looking materials, especially for back teeth.


Proper care will need to be followed after your crown is permanently placed. You may experience some tenderness and sensitivity for a couple of days and it's important to avoid hard, sticky or crunchy foods as well as hot drinks for at least the first 24-48 hours. Continue to brush and floss as usual.


We'll book a follow-up appointment to ensure everything is working as it should and you're 100% comfortable and satisfied with your new tooth restoration. If you've had a root canal or dental implant surgery, we'll also want to make sure you're healing properly.

Are Dental Crowns An Option For Front Teeth?
Yes! In fact, they’re a great option for your front teeth that may have been cracked, chipped or misshapen. Many people think front tooth restorations are done with porcelain veneers, but this isn’t always the case. Front tooth crowns can help in more severe cases where the entire tooth needs protection, whereas a veneer is just bonded to the front of the tooth to improve its appearance or minor cracks and chips.

Dental Crown Services In London

We offer a wide range of dental services that are dedicated to improving the function of your teeth. In some cases, this is done with the help of dental crowns and bridges. Book an appointment today and our dentist will discuss the best treatment option for you.