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COVID-19 Protocol

July 19, 2023


Following a careful analysis of current trends and the available evidence, we are rescinding our COVID-19-specific guidance. We have collaborated with Ontario’s three other oral health regulatory Colleges (representing dental hygienists, dental technologists and denturists) in making this decision to ensure continued alignment on this critical issue.

Why we made this decision

Public health indicators in Ontario continue to show signs of improvement. Public Health Ontario’s COVID-19 tool shows that case counts and rates are declining, while vaccination rates remain high.

In light of these changes, our COVID-19 guidance is no longer needed and rescinding our guidance will reduce unnecessary barriers to care.

Several oral health regulators across Canada have also reverted to their standard infection prevention and control practices and away from COVID-specific guidance. This includes the dental regulatory Colleges in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec.

Provincial guidance remains in place

All dentists must continue to comply with COVID-19-specific guidance set out by provincial and national public health authorities

Public health authorities are communicating COVID-19 specific guidance for healthcare settings and practitioners

Refer to our IPAC FAQs to understand your current obligations.

We advise dentists to continue to avoid the in-person care of patients who are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive, unless it cannot be avoided (i.e., in an urgent or emergency situation). We also recommend that dentists be mindful of the possibility of future public health emergencies, and maintain the ability to respond nimbly to new risks that may emerge (e.g., retaining enclosed operatories if these have already been installed, or the ability to re-enclose operatories in an emergency).

Continued IPAC obligations

All dentists have an obligation to adhere to the College’s current infection prevention and control requirements as set out in our Standard of Practice.


Contact our Practice Advisory team and refer to our IPAC FAQs.